50th Anniversary

This year Ellesmere Port Swimming Club will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. Having been founded in 1968, before the EPIC was even built the club started with 300 members and has developed swimming in the town for nearly 50years.

To celebrate this event the club are holding as weekend of celebrations on 6th, 7th, 8th July 2018. On 6th July we are holding a social event where past and current members can come together and share their swimming stories. At this event there will also be the club scrapbooks so swimmers can find themselves in years gone by. We will also be celebrating the birthday with a birthday cake and some light refreshments.

There will be an admission cost of £2 each for this event and it would be advisable to purchase your ticket prior to the event as we have a limited number of people who can attend!

On 7th July the club are hosting a BBQ at Eastham Ferry. This event is open to all current and past members and there is no admission cost for the event.  Families will need to provide their own BBQ and food but the Swimming Club will provide some activities.

On 8th July the Club will be hosting a swimming competition, during training time consisting of 25m (under 10), 50m (over 10) covering all strokes. Swimmers will be split into 2 teams – ‘Whites’ and ‘Blues’ for relays events during the evening also. There is a cost of £5 per swimmer for the event, which includes a commemorative swimming hat.