(affiliated to Swim England North West Region)




The Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday March 7th at 7.30pm at the Little Sutton Community Centre  (see below)

All senior swimmers, master swimmers and non-swimming members who have paid their annual subscription are entitled to attend and to vote.

Any other club member or interested party is entitled to attend, but without power to vote and may only take part in any discussion at the invitation of the Chairman.



  1. Members present and apologies
  2. The President’s address
  3. Minutes of the AGM of 2017
  4. Matters arising
  5. Secretary’s report
  6. Chief Coach’s report
  7. Treasurer’s report
  8. Chairman’s remarks
  9. Election of Officers

Election of Committee members

Election of Honorary Members

  1. Alterations to bye-laws
  2. Any other competent business




The Little Sutton Community Centre is immediately adjacent to the Library and bowling green.

It is on the A41, approximately 200 yards north of the traffic lights by the Red Lion..


There about 16 places in front of the Community Centre, with a further 20 places behind the building, all parking is free.


Our AGM 2017 will be on 29th March 2017 at Little Sutton Community Centre at 7:30pm. All AGM related material will appear here on this page in due course.

AGM 2017 Notification

Agenda item 9

The minutes of our 2016 AGM are below:



(affiliated to the ASA Northwest Region)



  1. The Annual General Meeting

The meeting was held at Little Sutton Community Centre on March 23rd 2016

Mr Colin Bradford, acting Chairman in Denise Hart’s absence, presided, other Officers present included the Secretary, Mrs Shirley Cooke, Treasurer Mrs Elaine Ludgate and Chief Coach Mr les Collier, together with  10 senior members. Apologies were received from a further 10 members.


  1. The President’s address

Mrs Cooke welcomed members present, she followed this by sharing her sadness that the new sports village cannot accommodate this meeting, or other such events the club may wish to hold. Mrs Cooke went on the share further sadness with the news of the passing of Mrs Enid Jefferies and Mrs Joan Harwood during the last year.


  1. Minutes of the AGM of 2015

The minutes had already been distributed to all paid-up members, they were approved without dissent.


  1. Matters arising: there were no matters arising.


  1. Secretary’s report

Mrs Cooke opened her report welcoming the arrival of the new sports village. She identified the improved facilities in the new complex while pointing out the new notice-board is not exactly in the best of locations in the complex. Furthermore Mr Cooke gave thanks to Peter McDonnell for his efforts for our Swim21 submission which was once again successful. Mrs Cooke then gave special mention to our recently qualified officials. Mrs Cooke finished her report by recalling this, her 47th AGM as either secretary or Chief Coach, was her last and she would be handing over to Mr Matthew Gibbs.


  1. Chief Coach’s report

Mr Collier opened his report by thanking all his poolside staff who cover every session so regularly. The move to the new pool, combined with ever increasing costs, is providing us with a minefield of problems. The movement of swimmers from lane to lane is up  to the Teachers covering the lanes, but the move to the new pool will mean further “tweaking” of both lanes and swimmers

Ray has taken on board the selection of teams for the Development Galas, which gives us a chance to introduce new swimmers and to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Ray is also thanked for organising the ASA Challenge awards during the summer months.

Selection of teams for the League events has been taken on by Nikki, Sue and Bev, who are doing an excellent job. The Wednesday evening session is doing well and is self-funding, land training attendance is building back up as is Saturday mornings.

Training cycles have had to be adjusted to cope with the restructuring of the calendar by the ASA, Region and County.

Les closed his report by commenting on the results of the chief events of the year.


  1. Treasurer’s report

The accounts for the last year were shared with the attendees at the meeting.

Mrs Ludgate opened her report by identifying reduction in expenditure as a focus for the current time. She identified the fact that there would be a 30% deduction in pool discount which we receive from Brio and the fact that in the new pool we are charged by lane per hour and not just for the pool per hour, as we were at the EPIC.

Furthermore Mrs Ludgate thanked Janet Hope for excellent work as Treasurer as Mrs Ludgate has only recently taken over the role. She thanked our auditor Graham Jenkins for his support also.

Finally Mrs Ludgate thanked all the volunteers who help on the desk to collect fees and to Warren Reed for collecting the land training and Saturday morning training fees.


  1. Chairman’s remarks

Mr Bradford, in Mrs Hart’s absence, opened the report by commenting on our move to the new pool, furthermore identifying that membership has increased and we’re competing and winning more. Mr Bradford went on to thank the vast number of volunteers the club relies on from the volunteers on the desk to the coaches and everyone in-between. Mr Bradford went on to recognise that Ellesmere Port Swimming Club continues to be represented at the many local competitions and we continue to make progress fielding teams across all age groups. In addition Ellesmere Port Swimming Club continues to be leading club in providing officials, training and other support across the North West region. Furthermore Mr Bradford recalled the effort required to complete our Swim21 submission. Although there are a lot of members who provide information to the submission Mr Bradford thanked Peter McDonnell for his efforts in putting the submission together and submitting it by the deadline.

Finally Mr Bradford thanked Mrs Janet Hope who due to personal reasons has had to step down as our Club Treasurer after 15 years of dedicated service. Janet has done an excellent job for those years and I hope we still see her at Club events when she is able.


  1. Elections of Officers

On a vote the following positions were all approved unanimously

President                     Mrs Shirley Cooke

Chairperson                 Mrs Denise Hart

Vice-chairman             Mr Colin Bradford

Hon. Secretary            Mr Matthew Gibbs

Hon. Treasurer            Mrs Elaine Ludgate

Chief Coach                Mr Les Collier

Assistant Secretary

Assistant Treasurer


Welfare Officer           Mrs Sue Grave

Auditor/Accountant    Mr Graham Jenkins


Election of Committee

Standing for re-election:

Mrs Paula Camborne-Paynter

Mrs Sue Hickson

Mrs Nicola Hope

Mr Peter McDonnell

Mrs Dawn Read

Mr Warren Read

Mrs Shirley Cooke

Further nomination:

Mrs Beverley Grierson


Nominations for Honorary Membership:

Mr L. Collier, Mrs S. Cooke, Mrs M. Crease, Mrs J. Hope, Mrs E. Jeffries,

Mrs E. Ludgate, Mrs D.McIver,



10  Alterations to rules

The new Club Constitution was passed. Peter explained further that the Constitution would be passed to the North West region for their approval.

Peter further proposed the alteration to the club bye-laws, which have been available for viewing on the club website. The changes were explained and passed.


  1. Any other business
  2. Mr Warren Read asked if Direct Debits, for payment of fees, was a viable option for the club. The reply identified this as a viable option, but nothing has been decided yet and it would be placed on the agenda for the next committee meeting.
  3. Mrs Carole Ferns enquired about the Reutlingen account balance with the exchanged not having place for some time. The response was that although it was agreed the exchange has not happened and there is no date for the next exchange, no decision has been made as yet with regards to the Reutlingen account.
  4. Mrs Beverley Grierson asked if the Chairman’s address could be displayed at the club. This was agreed by the Chairman.



The meeting was then closed and members invited to enjoy the light refreshments.




Amended Ellesmere Port Swimming Club By-laws and constitutional changes requiring approval at the AGM 23.3.16.

2015 Report Ellesmere Port Rules Submission

Bylaws 2013 Update

Club Constitution 2012

Club Constitution 2016 Final

Agenda Item 9 (AGM)

Annual General Meeting 2015 minutes

AGM 2016 Notification