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Geoff Drew Memorial Meet October 2018

100m Freestyle 

Kelsey Waterworth 14 1.16.56 5th – AA Platinum

Connor Waterworth 11 1.16.37 1st – AA Platinum

Luca Lewis 11 1.29.07 2nd – AA Silver

100m Breaststroke

Connor Waterworth 11 1.47.87 1st – AA Silver

Luca Lewis 11 1.51.87 2nd – AA Silver

100m Butterfly 

Kelsey Waterworth 14 1.32.37 1st – B Silver

Connor Waterworth 11 1.41.97 1st – AA Bronze

Luca Lewis 11 1.45.08 1st – B Bronze

100m Backstroke

Connor Waterworth 11 1.29.36 1st – AA Gold

Luca Lewis 11 1.44.93 1st – B Bronze

100m I M   

Connor Waterworth 11 1.27.42 1st – AA Gold

Luca Lewis 11 1.39.36 2nd – AA Silver

L&D Championships October 2018

50m Freestyle

Connor Waterworth 11 34.22 6th Gold

100m Freestyle

Connor Waterworth 11 1.18.48 11th Gold

200m Freestyle 

Connor Waterworth 11 2.47.93 8th Platinum

50m Backstroke

Connor Waterworth 11 41.51 7th Gold

100m Backstroke 

Connor Waterworth 11 1.29.32 8th Gold

200m Backstroke

Connor Waterworth 11 3.05.90 6th Gold

200m I M 

Connor Waterworth 11 3.14.54 7th Gold

Prescot and Everton Open Meet October 2018

50m Freestyle 

Leah Stoneley 14 32.71 5th Gold

Kelsey Waterworth 14 34.04 6th Gold
100m Freestyle   

Connor Waterworth 11 1.20.28 2nd Gold

200m Freestyle

Connor Waterworth 11 3.01.92 3rd Gold

50m Breaststroke

Connor Waterworth 11 50.25 4th Silver

100m Breaststroke

Leah Stoneley 14 1.30.64 2nd Platinum

50m Butterfly 

Connor Waterworth 11 45.68 3rd Silver

200m Butterfly

Rebeka Zaborska 10 3.39.20 1st Bronze

50m Backstroke 

Kelsey Waterworth 14 41.72 3rd Gold

200m Backstroke

Connor Waterworth 11 3.14.09 1st Gold

200m I M 

Rebeka Zaborska 10 3.27.35 3rd Silver

L & D’s 2018

Liverpool & District swimming club championship’s 2018, where held at Knowsley leisure centre  over two days, 20th & 21st October. Two swimmers from Ellesmere Port Amateur Swimming club took part.
Connor Waterworth age 11 did the following events over the two days:
50m Freestyle 34.22
100m Backstroke 1.29.32
50m Backstroke 41.51
200m Freestyle 2.47.93
200m Individual Medley 3.14.54
100m Freestyle 1.18.48
200M Backstroke 3.05.90
Rebeka Zaborska aged 10 took part in:
50m Breaststroke 49.05
L&Ds 2018

Dr Shirley Cooke Funeral Arrangements

The funeral of Dr Cooke is to take place:
At :   St Pauls Church Hooton   CH66 1QH
Commencing:  1200 noon
Date: Friday 7th September
(The church is almost opposite the Burleydam Garden centre  on the A41 at the border of Little Sutton and Childer Thornton.)
Please do dress as you feel most comfortable
Flowers:  Dr Cooke loved her flowers, but with roots as they lasted a lot longer.
Accordingly if you do wish to make a gesture, we would ask you consider a donation to her chosen charities:
The Hospice of the Good Shepherd and the
Donations can be made at the church on the day or through W Williams & Son Funeral Directors in Little Sutton (please ensure you include a note making clear the donation is to Dr Cooke’s funeral charities)
After the service mourners are invited to join the family at Alfies Bistro in the village of Little Sutton   315 Chester Road  CH66 3RF.
There is ample parking at the church and the adjacent golf club car park
Also there is capacity in nearby streets, if parked with respect for the residents.

Peninsular Age Groups 23/24th June 2018

50m Freestyle Connor Waterworth 11 35.84 1st Gold
100m Freestyle Rebeka Zaborska 10 1.25.08 2nd Silver
Ellen Carberry 11 1.32.82 6th Bronze
Kelsey Waterworth 14 1.16.53 5th Platinum
50m Backstroke Connor Waterworth 11 40.22 1st Gold
100m Backstroke Rebeka Zaborska 10 1.42.77 3rd Bronze
Kelsey Waterworth 14 1.31.46 3rd Gold
50m Breaststroke Rebeka Zaborska 10 51.45 2nd Silver
100m Breaststroke Connor Waterworth 11 1.47.62 1st Silver
50m Butterfly Rebeka Zaborska 10 44.60 2nd Silver
Ellen Carberry 11 45.24 6th= Silver
Kelsey Waterworth 14 39.62 3rd Gold
100m Individual  Medley Connor Waterworth 11 1.30.94 1st Gold