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SENW/SENE Open Water Festival/Championships – 16 June 2018

Challenge Event –


New to Open Water? Or just want to have a go? Wet Suits are allowed for this event

*Subject to event conditions

Regional and County Championships

12-13 years – 2000m

14-15 years – 3000m

16 and Over – 5000m

Masters – 1500m or 3000m

For these events NO wetsuits are allowed*

*Subject to event conditions Entries Open: 21 st April 2018


Please see the attached link for further information:


Open Water Flyer

Peninsular League Gala – Saturday 10th February 2018 at Ellesmere Port Sports Village

Peninsular League Gala – Saturday  10th February 2018 at Ellesmere Port Sports Village

50m Back Erin Hardy 41.33 Gold 1st                        Connor Waterworth 41.91 Bronze 1st
50m Back Megan Weir 58.90 ~ 6th                           Edward Riley 48.19 Gold 3rd
50m Breast Rebeka Zaborska 56.25 Bronze 3rd      Luca Lewis 54.29 Bronze 4th
50m Breast Emily Hunt 56.39 Bronze 4th                 Edward Riley 1.05.30 ~ 6th
50m Fly Erin Hardy 38.53 Gold 1st                             Connor Waterworth 45.53 Silver 1st
50m Fly Rebeka Zaborska 51.53 Bronze 4th              Luca Lewis 46.06 Bronze 2nd
50m Free Emily Hunt 40.13 Silver 3rd                        Josh Barry 43.99 Bronze 4th
50m Free Megan Weir 49.97 ~ 6th                             Adam Gloyne-Phillips 45.64 Bronze 5th
50m Back Abi Blunt 44.84 Silver 5th                           George Everard 45.28 Silver 5th
50m Back Chloe Jones 48.46 Bronze 6th                    Owen Johnson 46.84 Silver 6th
50m Breast Esther Li 47.06 Gold 3rd                          Owen Johnson 45.83 Gold 3rd
50m Breast Chloe Jones 54.14 Bronze 6th                 Luca Lewis 52.72 Bronze 6th
50m Fly Erin Hardy 40.41 Gold 4th                             Jon Barry 40.68 Gold 1st
50m Fly Esther Li 42.62 Silver 6th                               George Everard 43.90 Silver 5th
50m Free Abi Blunt 40.56 Silver 5th                           Jon Barry 34.59 Gold 1st
50m Free Emily Hunt 40.88 Silver 6th                        Edward Riley 43.16 Bronze 6th
100m Back Freya Smith 1.22.46 Platinum 3rd           Connor Waterworth 1.35.87 Silver 5th
100m Back Molly Green 1.28.53 Gold 5th                  Stirling Dilworth 1.36.02 Silver 6th
100m Breast Holly Smith 1.33.65 Platinum 5th         Thomas Riley 1.28.43 Platinum 2nd
100m Breast Molly Green 1.38.59 Gold 6th               Stirling Dilworth ~ ~ D/Q
50m Fly Holly Smith 36.19 Gold 3rd                           Thomas Riley 37.33 Gold 3rd
50m Fly Kelsey Waterworth 38.60 Gold 5th               Abdellah Mekhalfia 44.72 Silver 6th
100m Free Leah Stoneley 1.10.07 Platinum 2nd       Jon Barry 1.17.03 Platinum 4th
100m Free Maysie Linegar 1.20.53 Gold 6th             Abdellah Mekhalfia 1.18.36 Gold 5th
100m Back Sarah Hickson 1.21.18 Platinum 3rd            Alfie Danson 1.21.09 Platinum 4th
100m Back Freya Smith 1.21.41 Platinum 4th                Alex Ursoi 1.28.52 Gold 6th
100m Breast Sarah Hickson 1.30.28 Platinum 4th         Jack Grierson 1.26.40 Platinum 5th
100m Breast Leah Stoneley 1.33.22 Platinum 6th         Alex Ursoi 1.37.31 Platinum 6th
100m Fly Holly Smith 1.24.06 Platinum 4th                    Jack Grierson 1.14.28 Platinum 4th
100m Fly Kelsey Waterworth 1.24.23 Platinum 5th       Will Everard 1.15.60 Platinum 5th
100m Free Sarah Hickson 1.07.09 Platinum 3rd            Alfie Danson 1.03.69 Platinum 4th
100m Free Maysie Linegar 1.19.18 Gold 6th                  Will Everard 1.04.28 Platinum 5th
Relay Events Relay Events

Medley Relay
11/u 4x25m

Katie Grace O’Grady 25.24 ~ Times only                               Connor Waterworth 19.79 Silver 1st
Rebeka Zaborska 26.93 Bronze                                            Adam Gloyne-Phillips 26.78 Bronze
Erin Hardy 17.64 Gold                                                           Luca Lewis 20.75 Bronze
Emily Hunt 18.88 Bronze                                                      Edward Riley 19.48 Bronze

13/u 4x50m

Chloe Jones 47.61 Bronze 3rd                                             Connor Waterworth 40.09 Gold 1st
Abi Blunt 53.55 Bronze                                                       Owen Johnson 45.15 Gold
Esther Li 42.50 Bronze                                                         George Everard 42.83 Bronze
Megan Weir 47.54 ~                                                            Jon Barry 33.67 Gold

15/u 4x50m

Freya Smith 39.21 Gold 3rd                                               Stirling Dilworth 44.50 Silver 3rd
Maysie Linegar 44.50 Gold                                                Owen Johnson 47.43 Gold
Holly Smith 36.90 Gold                                                       Abdellah Mekhalfia 46.13 Bronze
Molly green 33.33 Gold                                                      Thomas Riley 32.22 Gold

Open 4x50m

Freya Smith 38.59 Gold 2nd                                             Alfie Danson 36.29 Gold 3rd
Maysie Linegar 44.82 Gold                                              Alex Ursoi 40.97 Gold
Kelsey Waterworth 36.82 Gold                                        Jack Grierson 31.03 Gold
Sarah Hickson 30.00 Gold                                               Will Everard 28.68 Gold

Free Relay
11/u 4x25m

Emily Hunt 17.48 Silver 2nd                                             Luca Lewis 17.72 Silver 1st
Katie Grace O’Grady 23.25 ~                                            Adam Gloyne-Phillips 20.18 Bronze
Megan Weir 21.52 ~                                                         Josh Barry 19.42 Bronze
Erin Hardy 16.55 Gold                                                     Connor Waterworth 16.37 Gold

13/u 4x50m

Abi Blunt 40.47 Silver 3rd                                              George Everard 38.97 Silver 3rd
Rebeka Zaborska 40.12 Silver                                        Jon Barry 35.00 Gold
Chloe Jones 44.00 Bronze                                              Josh Barry 43.78 Bronze
Esther Li 36.43 Gold                                                      Owen Johnson 38.33 Silver

15/u 4x50m 

Leah Stoneley 32.37 Gold 2nd                                  Abdellah Mekhalfia 34.08 Gold 3rd
Kelsey Waterworth 33.47 Gold                                 George Everard 38.82 Silver
Freya Smith 32.60 Silver                                           Stirling Dilworth 35.29 Gold
Holly Smith 30.61 Gold                                             Thomas Riley 31.78 Gold

Open 4x50m 

Holly Smith 31.34 Gold 2nd                                      Will Everard 28.78 Gold 3rd
Molly Green 34.54 Gold                                            Alex Ursoi 31.97 Gold
Leah Stoneley 32.03 Gold                                         Jack Grierson 28.78 Gold
Sarah Hickson 30.57 Gold                                        Alfie Danson 27.75 Gold

8x25m Team 

Connor Waterworth 16.80 Silver 2nd
Luca Lewis 17.83 Silver
George Everard 18.00 Silver
Jon Barry 16.50 Gold
Thomas Riley 14.50 Gold
Stirling Dilworth 16.21 Gold
Will Everard 12.94 Gold
Alfie Danson 13.70 Gold

Final Results

Bebington A 357
Hoylake B 216
Ellesmere Port 201

City of Liverpool Splash & Dash 50m Sprints (Long Course)

City of Liverpool Splash & Dash 50m Sprints (Long Course) – 18th February 2018

50m Backstroke

Erin Hardy 11 42.34 25th Gold

Connor Waterworth 10 41.77 4th Gold

Leah Stoneley 13 42.83 26th Gold

Luca Lewis 11 47.40 30th Silver

50m Breaststroke

Erin Hardy 11 46.81 13th Gold

Connor Waterworth 10 51.33 10th Silver

Leah Stoneley 13 45.73 17th Gold

Luca Lewis 11 53.59 26th Bronze

Kelsey Waterworth 14 49.54 20th Silver

50m Butterfly

Erin Hardy 11 38.46 13th Gold

Connor Waterworth 10 44.07 7th Silver

Leah Stoneley 13 36.98 14th Gold

Luca Lewis 11 46.81 28th Bronze

Kelsey Waterworth 15 39.16 18th Gold

50m Freestyle

Erin Hardy 11 34.13 16th Gold

Connor Waterworth 10 35.70 5th Gold

Leah Stoneley 13 33.21 18th Gold

Luca Lewis 11 39.24 35th Silver

Kelsey Waterworth 14 35.31 19th Gold

Cheshire County WP & SA Championships

Cheshire County WP & SA Championships – Jan – Feb 2018

50m Freestyle

Erin Hardy 11 34.65 35.17 8th Gold

100m Freestyle

Erin Hardy 11 1.20.21 15th Gold

50m Backstroke

Erin Hardy 11 40.56 41.46 7th Gold

100m Backstroke

Erin Hardy 11 1.30.78 14th Gold

50m Breaststroke

Erin Hardy 11 48.81 14th Silver

50m Butterfly

Erin Hardy 11 38.78 38.29 4th Gold

100m Butterfly

Erin Hardy 11 1.30.28 1.32.20 4th Gold

100m I M

Erin Hardy 11 1.29.84 15th Gold

200m I M

Erin Hardy 11 3.11.91 HDW 10th Gold

Cheshire County W P & S A – 13th Junior Graded Meet

Cheshire County W P & S A – 13th Junior Graded Meet 19th November 2017

50m Freestyle

Connor Waterworth 10 37.48 4th Silver

Luca Lewis 10 41.36 9th Bronze

50m Breaststroke

Erin Hardy 10 48.26 2nd Silver

Connor Waterworth 10 52.83 5th Bronze

Luca Lewis 10 53.95 6th Bronze

50m Backstroke

Erin Hardy 10 42.19 1st Gold

Luca Lewis 10 50.12 7th Bronze

50m Butterfly

Connor Waterworth 10 50.80 1st Bronze

Luca Lewis 10 53.62 3rd ~

100m I  M

Erin Hardy 10 1.29.53 1st Gold

Connor Waterworth 10 1.30.56 2nd Gold

Luca Lewis 10 1.40.95 4th Silver

200m I M

Erin Hardy 10 3.14.09 1st Gold

Connor Waterworth 10 3.24.64 3rd Silver

Luca Lewis 10 3.31.48 4th Silver

200m Freestyle

Erin Hardy 10 2.58.55 1st Gold

Connor Waterworth 10 3.05.46 3rd Silver

Luca Lewis 10 3.16.07 5th Silver

Dates of cancelled sessions for 2018

Half Term School Holidays

No Land Training Thursday 22nd February

Easter School Holidays

No Land Training on Thursday 5th and 12th April

Easter Break

No Swimming on Friday 30th, Saturday 31st March, Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd April

May Day Bank Holiday

No Swimming on Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May

Whitsun Bank Holiday

No Swimming on Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th and Monday 28th May

No Land Training on Thursday 31st May

50th Anniversary Party

No Swimming on Friday 6th July

School Holidays

Please note – No Land Training or Sunday Swimming Sessions during the school holidays

No Land Training on Thursday 26th July

No Land Training on Thursday 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th August

No Swimming on Sunday 29th July

No Swimming on Sunday 5th, 12th, 19th August

August Bank Holiday

No Swimming on Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th and Monday 27th August

Half Term School Holidays

No Land Training on Thursday 1st November

Bonfire Night/Weekend

No Swimming on Friday 2nd Sunday 4th and Monday 5th November

Christmas Break

No Land Training on Thursday 20th and 27th December

No Swimming from Friday 21st December swimming will restart on Friday 4th January 2019

2018 AGM

Our 2018 AGM will be held on 7th March at Little Sutton Community Centre (next to the Bowling Green).

It will last for around 30 minutes and will be followed by drinks and light refreshments.

there will also be the opportunity to view the club’s scrap books of published pictures which have been featured in the Ellesmere Port Standard or Pioneer.

This is your opportunity to put your ideas and suggestions to the Executive Committee.


2018 Annual Fees

Ellesmere Port Amateur Swimming Club


Juniors – £70.00 & £3.50 per session

Seniors – £50.00 & £3.50 per session

Masters – £40.00 & £4.90 per session

Senior Non-Swim – £12.00

Land Training – Thursdays 7.00 – 8.00pm £2.50 per session

Saturday Morning Swimming – 8.00 – 9.00am £3.50 per session

Sessional fees will be reviewed mid-year

Dates for your diary!

The last Land Training session before Christmas will be on Thursday 14 December – 7 pm until 8 pm.
The last Swim session will be on Monday 18 December.

The first Swim session of 2018 will be on Friday 5 January.

The first Land Training session will be on Thursday 11 January.

Whilst we are looking to maintain the same annual membership charges for 2018, due to circumstances beyond our Club control, we will have to raise the Swim fees from £3 per session to £3.50, and the Land Training fees from £2 per session to £2.50. We are sorry for having to impose this first increase since 2016.