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Club Championships 2017


The sign up list for the Club Championships is now available on the Club Desk on any training night.

Sign up now if you are interested.

£2 per event, or £12 for all events.

Swimming Club 50th birthday!

July 2018 marks 50 golden years of our swimming club and it would be a crying shame not to celebrate this fantastic milestone!! If you can think of any events we can hold to mark this momentous occasion, could you please reply on here through the contacts page or speak to a committee member at any club night, preferably before the beginning of Sept 2017. All ideas will be run by the EPASC committee. Anyone who knows ex members / swimmers, please pass this message on as I’m sure they would be interested. Thanks.

Timekeeper’s course

It is planned that we run a course for club members who wish to qualify as British Swimming timekeepers, probably starting in September.

The course will consist of two theory sessions, each of approximately one hour, followed by a practical session, where members are required to time fifteen consecutive races. Sessions to be held in EPSV, during normal club time.

There is no charge for the course, but applicants must be members of EPASC, and will be adults, or swimmers age 14 years or over by the date of the first session.

Any member who is interested in this course is invited to sign the form which is available on the club table.

Communication from the Chief Constable and Police and Crime Commissioner

Everyone at Cheshire Constabulary is continuing to come terms with the devastating events that took place in Manchester.
As you will have seen reported in the media, we know that an explosion occurred in the foyer of the Manchester Arena, Manchester at around 10.30pm following the conclusion of a pop concert. Many of the attendees were leaving, and this has tragically led to the death of 22 people, with a further 59 reportedly injured. Our thoughts are very much with all those affected by this terrible incident.
Greater Manchester Police believe the attacker detonated an improvised explosive device. Our colleagues in Manchester are treating the incident as an act of terror, and we know they are working tirelessly to establish the full circumstances around this horrifying attack. We have provided operational assistance and are co-operating with any other requests for support.
You may be understandably concerned, particularly given the proximity of the attack to Cheshire. However, I want to reassure you that there is no information to suggest there is a specific threat to Cheshire, and we are doing everything in our power to ensure nothing like this occurs here.
Over the coming days, you will see more officers on our streets. Please do not be alarmed by this – they are there to provide a visible presence and offer reassurance and, as our community partners, you may be contacted by your local officers who will address any concerns you may have.
A dedicated Casualty Bureau has been set up by Greater Manchester Police – the number to call is 0800 096 0095. I’d also ask you to remain vigilant and report any concerns immediately, either via the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789321 or, in an emergency, dial 999.

Ellesmere Port and Neston Schools Gala – 15th May 2017

Best Team - Childer Thornton

Joint Winners – Childer Thornton Primary School


Best team - Our Ladys

Joint Winners – Our Lady Star of the Sea

Overall Gala Results
Place School Points
1st = Childer Thornton 43
1st = Our Lady’s 43
3rd Meadow 32
4th Woodlands 30
5th = Bishop Wilson 24
5th = Christ Church 24
7th Whitby Heath 21
8th St Winefride’s 20
9th Little Sutton 19
10th Manor House 15
11th = Rossmore 7
11th = St Mary O T A 7
13th Parklands 2
14th Brookside 0


Boys backstroke winners

Boys Backstroke winners

School Swimmer’s Name Heat Time Final Time Final Place
Our Lady’s Lucas Robertswood 17.84 17.94 1st
Woodlands Jamie Chesworth 18.55 18.53 2nd
Whitby Heath Kyle Ward 21.53 22.65 3rd
Bishop Wilson David Moffitt 25.03 24.06 4th
Little Sutton Jack Horswill 24.99 24.19 5th
Meadow Josh Hancock 23.12 24.52 6th
Childer Thornton Sam Thornton 24.99 24.52 7th
St Winefride’s James Manuel 26.40 25.72 8th


Boys breastroke winners

Boys Breaststroke winners

School Swimmer’s Name Heat Time Final Time Final Place
Childer Thornton Archie Lynch 22.56 23.25 1st
Woodlands Owen Johnson 23.48 23.63 2nd
St Winefride’s Ethan Milner 25.79 25.87 3rd
Christ Church Connor Waterworth 25.79 26.05 4th
Meadow Ryan Davies 26.97 27.19 5th
Our Lady’s J J Wallace Rimmer 28.80 28.28 6th
Whitby Heath Liam Sadler 28.00 29.03 7th
St Mary O T A Joseph Hughes 30.47 31.62 8th


Boys freestsyle winners

Boys Freestyle winners

School Swimmer’s Name Heat Time Final Time Final Place
Meadow Joshua Worrell 17.02 17.22 1st
Whitby Heath Isaac Morris 17.99 18.14 2nd
Our Lady’s Bradley Munsey 18.31 18.14 3rd
Christ Church Luca Lewis 19.69 18.37 4th
Little Sutton George Everard 18.11 18.37 5th
Woodlands Ben Hutchinson 17.41 18.39 6th
Childer Thornton Callum Bebbington 18.72 19.68 7th
Bishop Wilson Ben Grantham 21.14 20.91 8th


Boys relay winners

Boys relay winners

School Swimmer’s Name Heat Final Final
Time Time Place
Our Lady’s Relay Team 1.16.47 1.17.56 1st
Childer Thornton Relay Team 1.18.00 1.20.73 2nd
Christ Church Relay Team 1.22.03 1.22.35 3rd
Woodlands Relay Team 1.20.55 1.24.11 4th
Little Sutton Relay Team 1.32.44 1.31.25 5th
Meadow Relay Team 1.35.38 1.32.88 6th
St Winefride’s Relay Team 1.34.32 1.35.87 7th


Girls backstroke winners

Girls backstroke winners

School Swimmer’s Name Heat Time Final Time Final Place
Woodlands Madelaine Williamson 21.28 21.61 1st
Little Sutton Kitty Richards 22.64 22.20 2nd
Manor House Lucy Oliver 23.81 23.24 3rd
Rossmore Zoe Rowson-Medcalfe 25.74 25.32 4th
Meadow Chloe Watson 25.83 25.53 5th
Our Lady’s Poppy-Rae Aylward 26.55 26.16 6th
Parklands Molly Chudyk Williams 26.27 26.21 7th
Bishop Wilson Lucy Ashcroft 27.63 26.54 8th


Girls breaststroke winners

Girls breaststroke winners

School Swimmer’s Name Heat Time Final Time Final Place
Childer Thornton Georgina Duffey 27.40 26.44 1st
Christ Church Rebecca Auty 28.55 28.38 2nd
Bishop Wilson Esmee Thorne 28.74 29.42 3rd
St Winefride’s Erin Newberry 33.22 31.56 4th
Our Lady’s Jane Farrell 32.31 32.18 5th
St Mary O T A Autumn Robertson 31.26 33.74 6th
Rossmore Katie-Grace O’Grady 32.71 33.74 7th
Manor House Jossy Jones 33.25 34.66 8th


Girls freestyle winners

Girls freestyle winners

School Swimmer’s Name Heat Time Final Time Final Place
Manor House Jasmine Lewis 17.83 17.71 1st
Childer Thornton Niamh Stephenson 18.47 17.71 2nd
Meadow Ellen Maxwell 18.84 19.03 3rd
Our Lady’s Isabel Dodd 22.37 20.44 4th
Bishop Wilson Olivia Hunt 21.12 20.87 5th
Whitby Heath Isobel Clutton 19.87 21.07 6th
St Winefride’s Lizzie Wilson 23.37 22.47 7th
St Mary O T A Lillie Howard 22.00 22.77 8th


Girls relays winners

Girls relay winners

School Swimmer’s Name Heat Time Final Time Final Place
Childer Thornton Relay Team 1.24.53 1.24.14 1st
Bishop Wilson Relay Team 1.32.84 1.34.27 2nd
Our Lady’s Relay Team 1.36.30 1.37.34 3rd
Meadow Relay Team 1.37.84 1.41.63 4th
St Winefride’s Relay Team 1.42.00 1.42.81 5th
Whitby Heath Relay Team 1.44.15 1.45.07 6th
St Mary O T A Relay Team 1.44.92 1.45.13 7th
Christ Church Relay Team 1.45.27 1.46.10 8th

Please see attached document for a full set of all of the results for each race:

Results – E P Schools Gala 2017