The Master swimmers train on a Sunday evening from 7.00pm to 8.00pm, except for the Sundays of bank holiday weekends. Members may also sign up for the Saturday morning sessions, which are shared with the younger club members.

Masters sessions are open to swimmers age 19 years and over, with no upper age limit.
We do not teach non-swimmers, but a high standard of swimming is not necessary. It is sufficient for applicants to be able to swim two lengths of the EPSV pool (50 metres) on two different strokes.
Swimmers divide into three lanes:

Lane 1 is the teaching lane for swimmers who cannot swim all four strokes or who lack stamina. Stroke teaching and basic diving instruction is given as required.

Lane 2 is for swimmers competent in all four strokes, the emphasis is on increasing speed and distance while also increasing stamina. These swimmers are encouraged to enter novice masters events or distance events such as the BLDSA one-hour swim or the ASA half-hour swim.

Lane 3 is for experienced swimmers, where the schedules are challenging and varied.
The annual plan can be viewed HERE.

Swimmers enter masters meets from local to National events, while the younger members may support the club team by swimming open events in competitive galas (such as the Speedo Swimming League.)

If you would care to join us, come along on a Sunday for a trial session.


Pictured above are the first 3 ladies competing at our 2014 Mile Swim.