July 2018 Newletter:

50th Anniversary celebration

Paul Shackley bursary


Memorial Competition

Junior Schools swimming gala

May 2018



January 2018 Newsletter:

Annual subscriptions

50th Anniversary

British Swimming Officials

EPASC Awards for 2017

EPASC Club kit

BLDSA 2018

Coaching success

January newsletter


September 2017 Newsletter:

50th anniversary,

The Memorial gala,

Challenge awards,

British Swimming Officials,

BLDSA swimming awards,

EPASC Annual gala,

Academic success,

EPASC Club kit,

Raffle prizes:

September newsletter


May 2017 Newsletter:

AGM information,

50th Anniversary,

Swim Club Facebook page,

Easy Fundraising,

Mile Swim 2017

Inter-club galas,

Raffle prizes.

May 2017 Newsletter


January Newsletter:

Welcome to the new year,


BLDSA one hour postal swim,

Annual gala Awards

EPASC_58 January 2017


October 2016:

Land training

Challenge Awards


Easy Fund raising

Mile Swim 2016

Michael Rock visit




July 2016:

In this edition:

Nightly fee increase,

Junior Schools gala,

New club officials,

Memorial Gala,

Peninsula League.



Newsletter for January:

In this edition:

2016 fees,


AGM 2016,

Arena League

Annual Mile Swim,

Annual Club Championships.

Newsletter Jan 2016


Newsletter October 2015:

In this edition:

Swim21 accrediaiton,

ASA Club officials,


ASA Challenge Awards,

Enid Jefferies,

Mile Swim.

October newsletter


April 2015 Newsletter

Inside this issue

  • We’re moving
  • AGM 2015
  • British Schools Modern Biathlon
  • Open Meet success

EPASC April 2015

January 2015 Update

Inside this issue

  • Urgent Message 
  • Arena Trophy Award 
  • BLDSA One Hour Swim 
  • Membership Fees
  • Annual Mile Swim
  • Annual Presentation Evening
  • Annual General Meeting

View a PDF version of EPASC – Newsletter No. 50 here

October 2014 Update

Inside this issue

  • ASA Accreditation
  • Annual Mile Swim
  • ASA Challenge Awards
  • ASA Coach Course
  • Master Swimmer Success
  • School Exam Results
  • BLDSA One Hour Swim
  • Camp America Report

View a PDF version of EPASC – Newsletter No. 49 here

July 2014 Update

Inside this issue:

  • ASA Challenge Awards
  • Seasonal Fees And Attendances
  • Behaviour Boys’ Changing Room
  • Open Water Swim Successes
  • The Club Annual Gala
  • Active Kids Vouchers
  • More British Swimming And ASA Officials
  • Time Trials
  • Open Meet Success
  • Member Discounts

View a PDF version of EPASC – Newsletter No. 48 here

April 2014 Update

Inside this issue:

  • The Annual General Meeting
  • Dr David Cooke Memorial Gala
  • Retirement announced
  • A Champion Coach!
  • The new Pool at Stanney
  • Recent Gala Updates
  • The BLDSA One-hour Swim
  • Fund raising
  • ASA Awards
  • Time Trials in EPIC

View a PDF version of EPASC – Newsletter No. 47 here.

January 2014 Update

Inside this issue:

  • Welcome back!
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Long Distance One Hour Swim
  • Other forthcoming events
  • Open water swimming
  • swim21 Award
  • Gala Results
  • Club Trophies

View a PDF version of EPASC – Newsletter No. 46 here.

October 2013 Update

Please click here to view the new October newsletter detailing, among other things, gala and open meet successes, 42nd annual mile swim, ASA challenge awards, EPASC website and survey, university Places and The Club Shop …….

Link to the website survey

July 2013 Update

Please click here to view the new July newsletter detailing, among other things, ASA Challenge Awards, the Schools Gala, the Annual Gala and the Sports Centre.