The Club is currently SwimMark accredited at Club Essential level. The accreditation lasts for two years, as our last full submission was September 2017, next is the interim annual update.

The history of sports club review and validation can be traced back to the mid 1990’s
approaching the millennium and the then recognition that success in sport reflects
back into the general population and gives a ‘feel good’ factor which enhances the
general well-being and positive outcomes for everyone.

To develop sport in general and amateur in particular, Sport England along with the
sport national governing bodies (for swimming the ASA) created the frame work of
organisation and coaching benchmarks that were to be used in assessing the
competence of clubs to teach and coach sport in a safe and caring environment. The
benchmarks were aimed at differing levels of attainment, but are consistent across all
sports. When a successful assessment is achieved the club is eligible for Club Mark
registration. Within swimming there scheme is identified as Swim21 being the way
forward for swimming in the 21st century.

Back in 1998 the then Club committee took the decision to start the program of
reviews and meetings required to progress and makes a submission to the ASA for
Swim21 status, initially at Teaching and Stroke Development levels. The levels of
competitive development and performance are much higher than we can aspire to.

In 2004 we achieved Swim 21 status, as both a Teaching and Swim Development
club; we have been revalidated each succeeding year. We were the first club in
Cheshire to achieve Swim 21. Each year our accreditation is reviewed as we are
required to issue annual updates as to status and progress against action targets

in 2008 the Masters module was added to our accreditation, followed by the club network.

Our last submission for a full four year review was completed in September 2016 and
was successful, we have a program of improvements to follow which will be reviewed
and validated for the next four years, however the swim21 scheme has now been replaced by swimmark.
We must still endeavour to improve the quality of the teaching and individual
achievement of our swimmers, the awarding of swim21 (SwimMark) status is the externally
audited validation of these aims.

For further details see swimMark on the British Swimming website.